Last Chance Of 2017

Times are changing….

There has been no denying, we have been working our brewing wellies off these past couple of years…

This year especially we have had the best one yet, winning awards within the SIBA regional and national for Corbel which even now we cannot believe, our first ever can of square logic, Tap take overs all over the UK, some awesome collaborations with Electric Bear, Tickled Pig, Big Smoke, Gyle 59 the list goes on!

Of course not only that, we have really appreciated everyone who has taken the time to buy our beer whether this be through our tap-room on Friday nights or in all the great independent suppliers we use – thank you everyone!

So on that not I am sure everyone within the craft beer industry is aware, things are changing and we need to make sure we are too! As the saying goes “Tall oaks from little acorns grow” and we have been lucky enough to be in a good patch of soil…

So because 2017 has been so manic and full on we thought we would take a break in 2018…. NO! We intend to brew more beer and do what we love to do and that is creating interesting beers which you can enjoy and continue to spread the word about the awesome craft beer movement.

So with the whole team here at Eight Arch putting their heart and soul into the beers we have grown to love and enjoy and for those of you who have yet to… get down to our tap room on Friday night as this one is slightly special –

Extra long opening hours 12pm – 8pm
Awesome Street food from Flaming Peaches
Music from the talented Cunning Folk
Hand picked selection of beers for the special evening inlcuding but not only – Angle of the Marsh and our now extremly limited edition Barrel Aged Fruit Cake on Keg accompanied by Bobolink, Easy Life and Trefoil on cask….

And finally the little teaser for you to discuss over a pint with, this might just be one of your last chances to see the brewery as you know it…….”Oooooo suspicious”

Look forward to seeing you soon!