We are Expanding!…

So the last tap room of 2017 is over! Thank you to everyone who was able to make it down during the year but now we can stop biting our tounge and keeping secrets…. it has taken us close to half a year to get to this point, but we are super excited to announce!!!…


What?! Where?!? How will I be able to get your beer, surely you can’t move out of Wimborne!..

Don’t panic, we are not going far, not far at all actually… in better words we are not moving at all, we are in fact expanding!

In order of your questions –

What? – We have got to a point where we could no longer listen to Mark (our head brewer) moaning about not having enough room, so we now have enough room to swing a keg. Not only that we will have enough room for twice our current brewing capacity (means more beer for you), there is even enough space for us to continue packaging and do other things while we are brewing – might not sound a lot but makes us VERY excited!

Where? – As we mentioned its not far, its actually next door! So it’s bring your sledge hammer to work day for a couple of weeks. What this means is that we will still be in Wimborne and you will still be able to pop down and collect beer when ever you want.

How will you get your beer? – Well we are expanding with you all in mind, so our tap-room will now have enough room for everyone inside! As we all know you can never predict the beautiful south coast weather, there will be room for everyone come rain or shine!

We will be having a lot more to show you in the coming months on the developments so keep an eye out on our social pages.

The changes will be taking place over the start of 2018, brewing will be as normal and we will keep you updated with the progress and prepare yourselves for a HUGE opening day taproom!

Just to help keep you interested… it might not just be the extra room which is changing…..