Brewery Progress!

Hello All!

As you all know its been a busy time for us here and we can see the light at the end of the tunnel…(or brewery)…

We just wanted to keep you up to date with how things are going down here, as some of you may know who have come down to our tap room evenings the brewery was a bit on the cozy side… so now with our expansion meaning that our new tap room/brewing area is literally double means so much more room to play!

Also here at Eight Arch, Steve (Founder/owner) has always kept to the well known saying if its worth doing its worth doing right this is why he always makes sure all of the beers brewed are to the highest standard, after all what is the craft beer movement if it isn’t quality over quantity… but this is a conversation for another day!… what has been done though is make sure the new brewery area is done right, so heres what been happening –

Suspended celling ripped down – as we are a brewery not an office…. But then found we also had to rip down the boards above that also…so now brand new ceiling boards up to keep any drips out and everyone a little bit warmer! (have a look up next time your in, and you ask Mark our head brewer… those boards are heavier then they look!)

Toilets ripped out – We now have more than one toilet! The previous ones were shall we say “well used” so now you will have brand new pearly white basins to put your delicate on

New flooring – band new shiny resin flooring being laid, beautifully smooth and even got a striking blue section for the brewery area just for an extra bit of flare.

All in all it is going well, fingers crossed if all goes to plan we should be up and running for our first tap room in the 2nd of February!

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